Association "FENIKS" is a voluntary, autonomous, permanent organisation, which has got following aims:

(Statute of Association)

We are
the ASSOCIATION banding together people with
problems of mental health.

Our main target is to work
in favour of people who have problems like those, which afflicted us.

Furthermore our mission is to change style of working in psychiatric service to overcome the stereotypes about us.. We are conscious that it won't happen this year or in a couple of years. Therefore if we undertake such a work today, next generation will have better condition. We are not going to fight against professionals from mental care service. We desire only that all what was bad in the past could be changed with the benefits for all sides and that it could arise mutual understanding and regard.

We gave our ASSOCIATION the name"FENIKS", because like that bird we are reviving again after difficult periods causing by health relapse.

What we can offer for aspirants
to membership in our ASSOCIATION

Above all the feeling , that they won't stay lonely with they problems . Besides we have in our plans to organise the work of self-help groups and to carry on some differentiate training, which can be helpful in return to work and living in community with the proof that they are precious and normal people.

We would like to establish a post of TRUST PERSON, to whom the clients will be able to turn for help. In further future want to gain permanent advice from lawyer.

Additionally we have in our plans organisation of sports, recreational and integration events.

Participants of ASSOCIATION "FENIKS"